If you’re anything like me, you love getting a baseline of how a coach operates before you schedule that initial conversation. This is an example of what is included in a 6-month coaching program. Note that all my programs are fully customized to your specific needs, so this is simply an example of one of my packages:

This 6-month business coaching package includes 2 coaching sessions per month (12 sessions total). One session per month is dedicated to a specific topic and the other session is an open coaching session to discuss implementation and for you to get coaching around other things that are coming up for you in your business. We kick off with a Getting Started call where we get clear on what is and is not currently working in your business and we set goals for our time together. We then move in to our VIP Day and begin our monthly coaching sessions.

This is where the work begins. We dive in with my Time Ninja “Get Stuff Done” Time Management Workshop so you can stop wasting time on things that don’t matter and you can set yourself up to focus on what matters most. We restore your relationship with time and customize a plan to manage your time based on your energy levels and the way you like to work.

  • Beliefs Coaching so you can learn to self-coach yourself to bust through fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
  • ICA/Niche Breakthrough Secrets® to ensure that you’re clear on your ideal client so that you target the right clients at the right time with the right message
  • High End Packages/Signature System® where we create packages that your clients will love
  • Marketing/How to Sign on New Clients so that you’re consistent in not only doing the marketing, but tracking the results
  • Money Mindset and Tracking because it’s important to not only get in to the right mindset around money but it’s also important to get clarity on where your money is going and to create reserves that will sustain you in the long run
  • The Starting Point Business Planning Mastery Course® – The self-paced version of The Starting Point 2-Day Workshop; this workshop will compliment the coaching we’re doing throughout our program and will ensure that you have a complete, written plan at the end of our six months together.
  • No-Fret No-Regret Reset Workshop® – You’ll get clear on what’s working for you, what’s not and we’ll focus on creating the next 12 months of your business and personal life
  • Asana Self-Paced Tutorials – Because post-it notes and multiple journals don’t cut it for high-performers; it’s important to be able to track your tasks all in once place
  • Downloadable workbooks/guides for each module – So that you have something tangible to continue with long after our calls are over
  • Marketing scoreboard template – Because what gets measured gets done!
  • Launch calendar templates – So that you can easily back in to timelines and plan your next launch
  • Unlimited email access to ask questions – Because everything doesn’t always fit in to a neat little box in a coaching call – sometimes you need guidance outside of our calls.
  • 5 additional on-the-spot coaching sessions – Because sometimes, things just can’t wait.

Want more information? Let’s schedule some time to talk. There is no “buy now” button here for a reason. It’s important that we create a program that works for you and your business and that we’re a right fit for each other.