I LOVE “The Great British Baking Show”

If you don’t know (and if you don’t please do yourself a favor and watch it on PBS or Netflix), “The Great British Baking Show” is a baking competition where amateur bakers are given challenges and then their culinary masterpieces are judged by professional chefs. There are three challenges. After each one, the lowest performing amateur baker gets sent home. Oh, the drama!

I see building a business, launching a new product, or upleveling your current business like the second act: The Technical Challenge. During the Technical Challenge the judge gives the bakers one of their own recipes and challenges them to recreate it. They’re given the ingredients and every imaginable kitchen tool is at their disposal. They’re given the framework of a recipe, but each time, a key step is missing. They’re given a croquembouche recipe, but it’s missing the exact detail of how to make the pastry to create the perfect tower of glazed, puffy, doughnut holes. (Seriously, look it up!)

Your dream business idea or product is like that. You’ve done your research. You have an idea of what you’re trying to create. You have the skills and tools to make it happen but there are nuances that you may not know yet. Just like an amateur baker in the competition, the unknown makes you a bit nervous but in the unknown is the art, the magic. That’s where you insert your personality, your passion, the part of the business that is truly YOU! I get excited just talking about it.

That’s where I can help. The best way to eliminate fear is to step away from the oven for a moment and think. Imagine what you’re trying to create, scribble notes on the recipe card that may fill in the missing detail and then go for it. Take action. Do the work.

My job is to stand by your side and help you do that. To help you organize processes that are getting in your way, point out obstacles you may not see, lend you the expertise that I have gained in all my years in business and the expertise of all the entrepreneurs who are my mentors, coaches and friends. And when you’ve tabled your creation, I’ll help you clean up the kitchen and be there when you start again.

If you’ve made it this far, then something I’ve said has captured your imagination and you’re probably hungering for some croquembouche. Either way, let’s talk. We can talk about baking, your business, your pets, kids or whatever.

Thanks for letting me ramble.