Gayle is like a combination of Kit from Knight Rider, Samwise from Lord of the Rings, and the ships computer from Star Trek the next generation. Her confidence, humor, wit, experience, and compassion make her one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever had the chance to work with.

She helped our fast growing coaching company through a critical stage of growth and made the process simple and fun. Without her we would have felt like we were going through rapids with no paddles and a hole in our raft.

She is the kind of manager, 2nd in command, and go to problem solver that everyone talks about as if they’re describing the lost city of gold, except that she’s real and amazing and you should hire her as fast as possible because she’ll always be in demand for the excellence she brings to the work she does.

Toku McCree

Samurai Coaching Dojo

Working with Gayle in the time management workshop was extremely useful. She helped me to gain control over my calendar and gave me insights on what things I should dedicate my time to that matter the most. She was very thorough and patient with me while she walked me through every part of the time blocking process. As a result, I’m more productive and can accomplish more than I did before. Thanks Gayle!

Darlene Willman

Gayle was highly effective in helping us get our business more organized and streamlined, more trackable and efficient. She is smart and thoughtful, and her prodding, suggestions, and frameworks are easy to take. I would highly recommend her.

Joe Flower

Author, "How to Get What We Pay For: A Handbook for Healthcare Revolutionaries" | Healthcare Futurist Speaker

I have seen my productivity multiplied exponentially. I have found her business advice to be helpful, sound and has helped me move forward in a few areas I was struggling with. Gayle is helping me as much on business development as she is with business support.

Gayle Hilgendorff

The Healthy Leader

If you look up the word AWESOME in the dictionary, Gayle’s picture would be there! Gayle is my fab right hand woman!

I’m grateful for her and cannot express how valuable she is to me and the success of Laugh Yourself Skinny. Gayle has assisted with building a strong business foundation and supports me with both the day to day running of my business and project management during large projects such as product and website launches and rebranding.

Gayle is not just about tasks – I love that she cares deeply about my business and thinks out of the box by providing brilliant strategic suggestions for improvement, whether it be social media ideas, list building, feedback on creative pieces, thoughts on client care, ways to make processes more streamlined and more.

She has an eye to detail, often catching what I don’t and provided the most detailed launch calendar I’ve ever seen, tying together all aspects and ensuring that projects are moving along with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

I appreciate her dedication behind the scenes to ensure that things go smoothly before, during and after a launch.

Her high level of attention, support and trustworthiness makes me feel confident with handing off both big and small items. Gayle has a high level of communication and follow up with clients, vendors and other team members and goes out of her way to ensure that deadlines are met.

Gayle is my saving grace! I love working with her!

Jessica Procini

Laugh Yourself Skinny

With her specialized knowledge, she is a sounding board and able to provide valuable guidance with regards to business planning, marketing, niching, content, list building and program delivery. I highly recommend Gayle if you’re looking for a strategic and experienced project manager who can provide a high level of personalized support to your business!

Cortney Chaite

The Highly Sensitive Badass

Hiring Gayle was the best thing I’ve done for my business. Before hiring Gayle my client communication was inconsistent and I couldn’t imagine creating an online launch. Now, work is completed ahead of our schedule, easing stress and making my business a joy to operate. After managing a large department for many years, I knew starting a business was a team effort.

When looking for support, I wanted two qualities: a partner who was experienced in the areas of on-line business that I was learning and someone who cared as much about my business as I do. I found both those qualities and more with Gayle.

I consider Gayle a trusted business adviser and friend.

Jackie Vanover

Real Life Healthy

When I started working with Gayle I was overwhelmed with having to juggle all the aspects of my health coaching practice.

She partners with me on strategy and planning, paying attention to metrics and guiding me so that I can prioritize my focus so that my business continues to grow.  She’s supportive and cheers me on, but isn’t afraid to “tell me how it is” and challenges me to ensure we’re moving in the direction that is right for me and my business.

Gayle is professional, organized, efficient and timely.  I can rely on Gayle to pay close attention to the details of the projects that we’re collaborating on.  She goes above and beyond. What stands out about Gayle is that she’s a true partner – she genuinely cares about my business and it shows in the consistent care that provides.

I love working with Gayle and I’m so grateful and relieved that I don’t have to do all of this by myself!

Alyson Chugerman

Attain True Health

Gayle’s No-Fret No-Regret Reset is amazing! Before the workshop, I had ideas in my head on what I wanted the next few months to look like but lacked specifics. The program really helped me self-evaluate what’s working and what isn’t and to look at where I am now vs. where I want to be. I love that it takes in to consideration every part of life – personal and professional and that the workbooks are structured like a journal which helps to break down mental barriers. I was able to get clear on the bigger picture of what I truly want to do and what I have to do to get there; I like how it challenged me to dig deep and really pinpoint how to make my goals a reality and to break my goals in to specific parts to ensure that I succeed. I’m absolutely in a better place now to create what I really want in my life. A+!

Victoria Garcia

Stella & Dot