Do you…


  • Have a vision of what you want to accomplish but have difficulty with implementation?
  • Miss valuable opportunities due to overwhelm?
  • Line up potential client calls but lack a streamlined client intake process?
  • Look at other coaches and wonder how they’re getting all their clients?
  • Wish you had a plan but don’t know where to start?

In all the years I’ve been working with clients, when I first start working with them, most say they’re clear on what they want to accomplish but when I ask for specifics about their target audience, their marketing strategy, or what they do on a day-to-day basis to keep their business growing, things get a bit fuzzy. They have lots of training on how to be an effective coach, author or speaker, so that they can transform lives, but no one went into detail about the day-to-day foundational aspects of running and growing their business. They skipped The Starting Point – the intensive process of getting clear on who you want to serve in your business and creating a blueprint for your business on paper.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this 2-Day Business Planning Intensive:


We’ll establish what you’re trying to accomplish in both the short term and long term. We’ll identify what strategies and systems you already have in place and get clear on the missing pieces.



We’ll get crystal clear on who your ideal client is, what specific solutions you offer, ways to get in front of your clients and how to stay in tune with your client’s needs.


We’ll establish what your core offerings are and what your secondary offerings are, what makes your offers unique and we’ll get clear on how you’ll deliver an exceptional experience for your clients.


We’ll determine if your message is clear, concise and compelling or whether it needs refining. We’ll also dive in to lead generation and promotion, credibility building and consistency in order to attract the right clients.


We’ll discuss how you can astonish your existing clients and those you’ve worked with in the past.


We’ll review your own workflow/style and address anything that may be preventing you from focusing on what’s truly important to you.


We’ll identify what systems you need to have in place in your business – tracking opportunities; ensuring that you have steps in place when potential clients say yes, no or maybe; communicating with your team; contingencies; project management and other important foundational items.


Our last session is focused on finalizing your plan, implementation, creating deadlines and commitments and identifying any support you may need.

Everyone’s business is different and everyone is at a different stage in their journey, so while these are guidelines, I don’t offer a cookie cutter approach to this.  If you’ve already laid a foundation in some of these areas – great – we may be able to zoom through that area with lightning speed. In other areas, we’ll take the time to focus more deeply.


Why is this process often skipped?


Frankly, it’s not taught in coaching school. Bits pieces of this process are taught at retreats, seminars or conferences but they never dive down deep. You get the concepts but not the specific strategies that work for you and your particular business. Another reason is that many choose to listen to their own intuition and skip directly to getting clients rather than “forcing” a detailed plan on themselves. That is, until life with all its distractions gets in the way and they realize that they’re hosed without a plan. Creating a written, detailed plan is much easier with a bit of guidance *and* with a framework in hand, you still have the flexibility of pivoting in your business as you see fit.

Will your business coach create a written plan for you?


No. Your coach can help you identify what direction you’d like to take in your business, but won’t organize your thoughts and type it all out for you. The writing of the plan, any legwork and research is your responsibility.

Can your Virtual Assistant create this for you?


No. That’s not her job. She’s likely hoping you already have one in place before you start working with her so that you can clearly communicate what you’re trying to accomplish.

Can you simply download a template?


Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be effective. Templates are generic and have nothing to do with you and the values that you hold for your business. They’re usually created in a way that makes you look good to a bank but they don’t cater to actually managing and growing your business.


Over the course of two days, we’ll work together (generally over a Zoom video call) to create a business plan, in the form of a working document, that will guide you with the key day-to-day decisions you make in your business.

Imagine if you could create your business blueprint in two days without having to put your business on hold for months while trying to figure this all out. 


  • You. Me. Two full days deeply focused on nothing but your business.
  • An experienced strategist to brainstorm by your side to do the deep thinking with you and then help you create a business plan customized to your goals.
  • Up to six hours of administrative support to help with any additional research you might need as we’re creating your plan.
  • Someone that will follow up with you a week after our intensive to help you through any roadblocks that may have come up or any resistance you might be facing.
  • A comprehensive business plan; on paper, not in your head. This document becomes the clear point of communication between you, your coach and support team that drives everyone toward your specific business goals.


This is for you if:


  • You’re looking for a business plan that is highly personal, practical and that you can use on an ongoing basis to guide key decisions in your business
  • You’re driven and committed to setting up the appropriate foundations in your business
  • You’re committed to providing answers to any questions that I may have so that I can lay the groundwork for our first call and ensure that our calls are super productive
  • You’ll show up for the strategy calls ready to get the work done
  • You’re able to allocate the needed time to do some deep thinking and homework between calls in order to keep the process moving; you won’t hold up the process by letting life get in the way

This is not for you if:


  • You’re just “testing out the waters” and not yet convinced that you’re in the right business
  • You don’t understand the value of investing in written plans and processes for your business
  • You’re looking for a formal business plan to present to a bank
  • Your schedule is so packed that you can’t find time and space to focus on doing the needed work before, during or after our calls

I have helped many of my clients get focused, tactical and ultimately more successful and I can do the same for you. I offer one 2-day business planning session per month. If you want to fine-tune your Starting Point so that you have a foundation from which to build a solid and sustainable business, please contact me so that I can get to know more about you and your business and so that we can discuss if this is the right fit for you.