I finally did it! I put up my first video in 10 years on YouTube! (yeah… I’m not kidding… my last video on YouTube was that long ago – that one solitary video is now up to 421,254 views👍 and because all the kids these days want to be YouTubers, I can brag to my kids about my viral video 😂).

So… what’s the new video about? It’s about making the best use of your calendar to ensure that you’re truly focusing on what matters most to you. I mean, not just accomplishing what you think you should be doing, but doing what truly matters to you.

And yes, I do teach this stuff 1:1 with my clients but I also know that many people prefer the DIY method, so this one’s for you!

Let’s take that, “I really want to” and “I wish I could” out of your head and let’s make those things happen.

My favorite way to do this is by using “time blocks”.

So what is time blocking?

Time blocking is a highly effective method of scheduling that can help you manage your time better.

You create buckets of time in your calendar dedicated to doing specific things. This creates space not only in your calendar, but in your mind, ensuring that you’re confident that there’s a time and a place for everything.

My take is that it’s less about cramming more stuff in to your schedule and more about planning so that you’re fitting in what truly matters most to you in your life. And, when life creeps in the way and those meetings go over (as they inevitably do), you can breathe a little easier, knowing that there’s room for everything.

It’s possible that you’ve heard about time blocking before and may even use it in your business. However, I take a different approach…

Many people will teach you how to do it for your workday, but as entrepreneurs, life and work often blend together, so I like to take a wholistic view and start with your personal life first, building your business around that.

So join me here for this video where I walk you step-by-step through a screenshare of precisely how I, as a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, time block my calendar:

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